Bear Harvest

Another fall, another hunting season. Year after year, many dedicated hunters go after one of the largest game animals in the state, the black bear (Ursus americanus). These secretive animals pose a significant challenge to any hunter, with only the lucky (or well-prepared!) hunters successfully filling their tags. The Pennsylvania Game Commission sells approximately 170,000 bear tags each year, with roughly 3,000 - 4,000 of those tags ending up attached to their hunter’s take. This page will allow you to follow these hunter’s success stories throughout this year’s Pennsylvania black bear season. Make sure to refresh the page to see the most recent data.

† Photo courtesy of Jacob Dingel

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*The data used for these charts are preliminary and have not been reviewed for accuracy. The information you see on this page is subject to change. Official numbers will be released by the Pennsylvania Game Commission approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the season.

Black Bear

Where are Pennsylvania's black bear being harvested?

The counties typically with the highest harvest are in the northcentral part of the state, namely Clinton, Lycoming, & Tioga counties. However, bear are present all across the state. In the map below, townships are color-coded by the number of bear harvested so far this season. Hover over a county to see this season's current harvest total.

Number of bear harvested

When are the majority of Pennsylvania's black bear harvested?

While the earliest bear season opens in mid-Spetember for parts of the state, the harvest doesn't ramp up until the statewide rifle season. The graph below shows the number of bear harvested over the 4 day season in one hour intervals. Typically, the first Saturday sees the highest harvest rate, slowing down over the following Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Hover over the line to see the current harvest at a given time.

Statewide Rifle Season Harvest

The harvest continues after the rifle season as well for parts of the state. Here are the current harvest totals for different seasons across the state.

Early Season
Archery Season
Rifle Season
Extended Season

Total Harvest

What are largest bears weighed* this year? What counties have the highest harvest to date?

Check out these lists!

Largest Bear

(Live Weight - County - Season)

    Top Harvest Counties

    (Count - County)

      * Does not include estimated weights.

      What is the average weight of harvested bears?

      The average weight of a harvested Pennsylvania black bear is approximately 158 lbs. Below is a chart of this year's bear harvest that have been weighed.

      Weight Distribution